The Sanitation Services Department is responsible for ensuring a clean environment for healthy and sustainable living in line with the policy of an integrated approach to environmental sanitation and enhancement. The department also organizes seminars on environmental Advocacy/Awareness campaign for the informal sector (artisans, market men and women, taxi drivers etc).
The department has diligently monthly civil service Environmental Sanitation and the monthly house to house state Environmental Sanitation.
The departmental is further sub divided into 6 units for efficient and effective service delivery. The units are:-

The unit is a prototype of the PSP in the Ministry. They are responsible for collection of loose and bagged refuse in the secretariat complex and also in the old secretariat complex at Oba Akinjobi GRA, Ikeja. They collect refuse from registered clients like Alausa mini market, GT Bank, Alausa. They also collect refuse generated during the monthly environmental sanitation exercise and monthly civil services environmental sanitation exercise. A total volume of 2,360 metric tons of refuse was collected for the month of July, August and September.

The Highway Sanitation unit has been expanded and given priority since the swearing in of the new Commissioner and Governors order on Enforcement of Environmental and Physical Planning and Urban Development laws and Regulations in Lagos.
Eleven (11) Highway Sanitation Managers were constituted and kitted with cameras and mobile set. The Highway routes were also expanded to Nine (9) major routes.

The unit is responsible for the co-ordination of the monthly meeting of the hygiene and Sanitation Advisory committee with the Environmental Health Officers from the 57 Local government/Local council development areas. They also appraise and resolve environmental issues affecting registered NGOs with the Ministry. They monitor daily environmental nuisances in the 5 divisions of the state (Ibile Monitoring):-
I= Ikeja
L=Lagos island
They also collate reports of the 57 local government/local council development Areas on hygiene and sanitation. The quarterly forum between the Ministry, Residents Associations (RAs) Community Development Associations (CDAs) was held at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium Alausa on Friday, 8th July, 2011. Also participating in the Monthly Environmental Sanitation day exercise with CPAN (Cleaning Practitioner Association of Nigeria) the Organisation commence free cleaning to all Lagos State Government Ministries and Parastatals.

The unit is responsible for co-ordination of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise of her Excellency entourage on house to house demonstration exercise. They also compile the monthly reports of Permanent Secretaries and heads of Parastatals visits to LGA/LCDA monthly environmental sanitation exercises.


The unit is responsible for daily monitoring of refuse generated in public primary and secondary schools in the state (including Epe, Ikorodu and Badagry schools). They also monitor major tip sites in the state (Olusosun, Soulus I &II, Epe tip site etc.).
The standing Technical Committee in the unit access future sites in conjunction with New Town Development Authority (NTDA) and Surveyor General’s Office. Bid documents from interested proponents for technical committee to review and recommend to the state Executive council for presentation and consideration.
WASTE TO WEALTH: - Efforts to make wealth out of waste is extensively going on. This is a programme through which waste is converted to resource materials like energy, compost, ethanol and water. This also reduces volume of waste that end up at the tip sites and thereby conserving land resources of the state.


I. To discourage urination and defecation in public spaces, the state Government embarked on the construction of public toilets. During the year under review, sixty seven (67nos) modified modern toilets with provision of boreholes and generator were completed and handed over to 67nos primary and secondary schools. Also 30nos of prototype public toilets have been completed.
II. Monitoring of public toilets
III. Site visit to newly constructed public toilets to treat complaint of illegal occupancy.
IV. Meeting with the representative of K & T mobile toilets to finalize inspection on the new technology as proposed.
V. Meeting with a proponent on the construction of public toilets in all the Lagos State Courts.
VI. Issuance of Approval-in – Principle to 5 Nos. operators to operate and manage public toilets in various locations in the state.
The Finance and Administration Department as one of the support arm is in the apex of administration in the Ministry, saddled with the following ministerial responsibilities
 Training
 Establishment Matters
 Personnel Matters
 Store Management
 Office Management
 Staff welfare
 Transportation Management
 Open and Secret Registry

1. Conserving and Preserving the Biodiversity and Ecosystem of the Environment.
2. Protection Of The State Of Environment From Degradation As A Result Environmental Problem Such As Gully And Soil Erosion, Ocean Surge, Mining , Deforestation, Fog,, Smog Amongst Others.
3. Responsible For Strategy For The Development, Landscaping And Beautification Of The Physical Environment Towards Establishment Of Gardens And Parks For Recreation Activities And Relaxation.
4. Establishment of Horticultural Garden with Mini Zoological and Botanical Facilities.
5. Renovation And Maintenance Of Monuments Statues And Historical Public Buildings


1. Overseeing the regular monitoring of the state of the environment in the state.
2. Ensure that there is total compliance by the citizen and visitor to the state on Environmental Sanitation Law of the state.
3. Supervises enforcement of Environmental sanitation Law of the state on all environmental issues.

1. Responsible to the Assistant Director.
2. Monitoring the activities of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) Brigade.
3. Appraisal of KAI reports.
4. Attending to public complaints
5. Presentation of the Ministry to Motherless Babies Home.

1. Responsible to the Assistant Director.
2. Appraisal of mails/proposals received from the public and corporate organizations.
3. Responsible for the collection of report for the Department on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
4. Collation of data for Data Base Management
5. Any other duty assigned

1. Responsible to the Assistant Director.
2. Issuance of abatement notice to defaulters on environmental issues and any nuisance observed
3. Enforcing Environmental Sanitation Laws of the State
4. Preparing enforcement activity reports with pictorial representation
5. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.


1. Responsible to the Assistant Director.
2. Ensuring compliance with Environmental Sanitation Laws of the State especially after enforcement activities/operation.
3. Organizing meetings to access level of adherence to government conditions after enforcement operations
4. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

1. Responsible to the Assistant Director.
2. Daily Surveillance and Investigation of the state of the Environment, including looking out for Government project and envisage problems that might occur and report promptly
3. Issuance of abatement notice to defaulters on environmental issues and any other nuisances observed
4. Preparation of daily surveillance and investigation report with pictorial representation
5. Investigating public complaints/petitions and other executive directives
6. Any other duty assigned

1. Responsible to the Assistant Director.
2. Monitoring of markets to maintain aesthetic environment in accordance with the Environmental Laws of Lagos State
3. Preparation of daily monitoring reports with pictorial representation
4. Any other duty that may be assigned.


1. Responsible for the maintenance/repair of heavy duty trucks attached to the department.
2. Responsible for the maintenance/repair of the earth moving equipment attached to
the department.
3. Any other duty that may be assigned.

1. Review of Environmental Policies, Laws and regulations of Lagos State;
2. Coordination of E.I.A process for developmental projects in Lagos State;
3. Development of environmental programme;
4. Establishment and management of Environmental library;
5. Establishment and management of Document Management System.
6. Review and appraisal of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Technical reports;
7. Collection and collation of information and data for interpretation and planning;
8. Preparation of speeches and papers for the Honourable Commissioner and Permanent Secretary.
9. Impact Mitigation monitoring of developmental projects Appraisal and review of project E.I.A report ;
10. Compliance monitoring of impact mitigation measures of developmental project ;
11. Monitoring of state of the environment to identify new project for E.I.A study;
12. Site verification/inspection for developmental project;

The Accounts department in the office of Environmental services of this ministry is saddled with the responsibilities of proper accountability and transparency of the ministry financial transactions. This includes the following:

1. Collection of all revenues on behalf of the ministry
2. Banking of all monies collected
3. Payment of all expenditure of the ministry.
4. Maintaining of account records of all income and expenditure
5. Raising of payment vouchers for all expenditure approval of the ministry
6. Keeping of vote book for every approved item of the budget estimate for the year.
7. Enter all ministries’ transactions into oracle application of the State government.
8. Reconciliation of all accounts.

1. Management of Medium term Sector Strategy (MTSS) and Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).
2. Preparation of Annual Budget on the format as presented by MEPB
3. Budgetary Monitoring and Control.
4. Rendition of Revenue, Expenditure Returns to MEPB
5. Project Monitoring & Evaluation
6. Monitoring of the Implementation of the Ten Point Agenda (TPA) as it relates to OES.
- Millennium Development Goals (MDGS)
- Vision 20; 20; 20 & Other Planning documents.
7. Provision of technical support to Development partners programmes as it relates to OES
8. Serving as Secretariat for Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB) in conjunction with Finance and Admin Department.

1. Routing Premises inspection
2. Service of Abatement notices.
3. Preparation and serving of court processes
4. Liaising with monitoring officers
5. Verification of complaints
6. Monitoring staff of the Environment on the highways and major roads\streets
7. Monitoring obstruction of pedestrian walkways.
8. Monitoring waste collection and refuse black sports.
9. Monitoring street trading including distribution outlets.
10. Monitor mechanic and vulcanizer on road setback.
11. Premises inspection.
12. Monitor KAI Activities
13. Monitor blocked or silted drains and vegetarian nuisances

1. Deployment of project staff to schools to sensitise the pupils and students on climate change causes, effects, mitigation and adaptation measures
2. Organise of in-house capacity training officers for project officers and corpers
3. Collation of weekly activity reports of project staff deployed to schools
4. Monitoring of the activities of climate change clubs in schools
5. Writing of minutes of meeting
6. Writing of letters
7. Writing of monthly/quarterly activity reports of the unit
8. Allocation of schools to project officers and corpers
9. Planning and organisation of
i annual climate change anniversary
ii survey on level of awareness of climate change among pupils and students in the
state schools.
iii local excursion (field trip) to waste management facilities’ sites
iv Seminars for Principals, Head teachers, Teachers on issues relating to climate
change and environment.
10. Appraisal of proposals relating to sensitisation and awareness on climate change causes, effects, mitigation and adaptation measures.

1. General Coordination of activities of the Climate Change (Adaptive unit) state wide
2. Liaising with International and Development partners on Climate Change Issues
3. Appraisal of technical proposals
4. Treating of mails
5. Planning of Annual Climate Change summits
6. Coordination of Local Government summits
7. Collaboration with NGOs on Awareness creation
8. Collaborating with development partners to carry out studies on Climate Change Adaptive and mitigated measures
9. Participation in the studies propose Lagos State Adaptation strategy and Action plan

1. Monitoring/Inspection of landscaping and beautification, and tree planting sites
2. Prompt writing and submission of reports of inspected/monitored
3. Attending to request for tree felling/pruning
4. Attending of public complaints and investigation of illegal tree pruning/felling
5. Transplanting of trees from one point to another using Big John Transplanting spades.

1. Appraisal of technical proposals
2. Treating of mails
3. Planning of Annual Climate Change summits
4. Coordination of Local Government summits
5. Collaboration with NGOs on Awareness creation
6. Collaborating with development partners to carry out studies on Climate Change Adaptive and mitigative measures
7. Participation in the studies propose Lagos State Adaptation strategy and Action plan

1. Draft and vet Legal documents
2. Co-ordination Governor’s Pet Project of House painting Exercise
3. Coordination of the activities of Lagos Carbon Credit Centre
4. Compilation of the report on house painting campaign exercise up till date.

1. Monitors the environmental health of estates within the state.
2. Execution of decision and directives of state policy on Environmental issues
3. Advise on formulation, execution and renewal of policies and programmes on Environmental Health Issues
4. Solid Waste Management
5. Medical Waste Management
6. Excreta &Sewage Management
7. Food Sanitation
8. Sanitary Inspection of Premises
9. Market & abattoir Sanitation
10. Adequate potable Water Supply
11. School Sanitation
12. Management of Urban Drainage
13. Control of Reared & Stray Animals
14. Disposal of the dead (Man &Animal)
15. Hygiene Education and promotion
16. Cemetery Sanitation
17. Motor park sanitation
18. Daily Monitoring of all above
19. Issuance of Abatement Notice
20. Enforcement
21. Pest & Vector Control Services