Posted on: 2013-04-10 00:00:00

In preparation for the commencement of its statutory responsibility of registering the residents of the State, the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) has organized an OPEN DAY for the Public and Civil Servants in the state.

Speaking at the occasion the General Manager of LASRRA, Ms. Yinka Fashola, said the essence of the event is to intimate the state officials who are major stakeholders of the coming residency registration and to garner their support for the success of the exercise.

She said the resident registration is necessary in order to provide government with an up to date database of all those who resides in the state to ensure effective planning and resource allocation.

According to the General Manager, the day is also meant to give stakeholders the opportunity to ask questions and make contributions that would enlighten the public and ensure the success of the registration exercise. 

Ms. Fashola noted that her agency had earlier organized stakeholders meetings across the five divisions of the State, stressing that another one is planned for the captains of industries to ensure that everybody is included.  

She said the registration exercise is for everybody including children residing in Lagos State irrespective of their age, tribe, religion, social status or nationality as long as they reside in Lagos State


She revealed that in preparation for the actual registration of the State’s residents, LASSRA has commenced the process of employing 1500 applicants as enrolment officers to be deployed across the State

While responding to questions on whether people working in the State but residing outside the state can participate in the registration, she said, the laws establishing the Agency is being considered to determine the eligibility of such registration.

Ms. Fashola stressed that the registration exercise is free and compulsory for people residing in the State, adding that the two methods of registration that would be employed are the online and direct registration by LASRRA staff.

The General Manager also disclosed that for either of the methods, the registration would not be complete without capturing the biometrics and digital image of the applicant and signature for adults after which a receipt of registration would be issued.

She said the registration exercise is a continuous process due to those who may not be available to register during the direct registration exercise and that residents who might have travelled abroad can also register online and later come for biometrics registration at LASSRA office when they returned.