Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation


To make Poverty History in Lagos State



Women Development and Poverty Reduction as a means to Attaining Sustainable Economic Growth through Prompt Service Delivery 



The Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation was established in 1999. Prior to its becoming a full -fledged Ministry, it had passed through various stages of evolvement. Initially, it used to be a Department of Women and Children in the Ministry of Youths, Sports and Social Welfare. It was later upgraded to a Bureau under the Governor’s Office. Subsequently, it metamorphosed into Women Commission in 1993 by Decree 42 of 1992.

It eventually became a full- fledged Ministry by virtue of Lagos State Official Gazette No 7, Vol. 34 of 22ND   March 2001. Since it became a full - fledged Ministry, the scope of its activities has continued to expand as it covers a wide spectrum of sectors in the state.