Ministry Of Education

  • Vision:

To be the model of excellence in the provision of education in Africa.


  • Mission Statement:

To provide high quality education, accessible to all learners through effective and efficient management  of resources for the attainment of self-reliance and socio-economic development.


  • Ministerial Responsibilities

Lagos State runs free, compulsory education for primary, junior and senior secondary schools.


  • Duties

1.        Development and Implementation of Policy, Control and Management of public Nursery, Basic, Secondary, Vocational and Technical education in the state.

2.        Approval and Regulation of Private education Institutions.

3.        Inspection of private and public schools for quality control and educational standards.

4.        Supervision and Monitoring of all tertiary Institutions and State.


To ensure smooth operation, the responsibility of the education sector is

carried out through:


-           The Ministry of Education, which consists of 11 Directorates and

            several Units.


-           State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) created by law in all

            the 36 states. It is responsible for the management and control of

            basic education i.e. primary and junior secondary schools, headed by 

            an Executive Chairman.


-           The Six Education Districts – enables developed management and the

            implementation of states’ functions for senior secondary education.    

            Each District is headed by a Tutor-General/Permanent Secretary.


-           Local Government Education Authority (LGEA), SUBEB carries out its 

            Statutory functions through the 20 LGEAs. Each LGEA is headed by

            an Education Secretary.


-           Office of the Special Adviser on Education (OSAE) – is responsible for

            the administration/supervision of library board, scholarship board

            and agency for mass education.


-           Teachers Establishment and Pensions Office (TEPO) is responsible for

            training, establishment and Pensions Affairs of teachers and headed

            by a Permanent Secretary.


No of Units/ Agencies in the Ministry


Departments           -      16

Units                         -      36

Extra Ministerial     -        3

Agencies                   -       4


Extra-Ministerial Departments


  1.       TEPO           -              Permanent Secretary
  2.       LSUBEB       -              Executive Chairman
  3.       LASTVEB     -              Chairman