Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA)


Mission:     To identify and register all residents of Lagos State for efficient planning and allocation of resources

Vision:      To establish an accurate, reliable and updateable database of all Lagos State Residents.

Intent:       Enable the government’s e-Government Strategy and implementation by authenticating the users of Lagos State Government Service.

Enable Lagos State Government to allocate resources to meet the needs of the citizenry.

Simplify government service delivery and facilitate transactions by linking existing data sources with a unique person identifier.

Enable economic growth of Lagos State


Objectives:     To establish a reliable and updateable database of all residents of Lagos State, to provide useful information for social, political, business and financial activities.

To create and document a unique means of identification of Lagos State residents

To provide a highly secured identification card for all residents of the state & remove the veil of anonymity from every citizen of the state.

Our Values 

Customer Service:     We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring Excellence                         commitments that we have made to them.


Teamwork:     We effectively collaborate always looking for ways to achieve results through sharing ideas and talents to develop solutions.

Initiative:     We participate in the initiative to shape the future of Lagos State by encouraging creativity, being discipline to manage risks with speedy action and decisiveness.

Integrity:      we aim to be ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust and taking responsibility for our actions.

Innovation:  We generate new ideas and creative approaches to problems, pursing new ideas, recognizing and reward innovation.   

Our values guide the actions and integrity of the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency. They influence the way we work together as an Agency of the Lagos State Government to provide an efficient and effective service by the Lagos State Government for the citizenry of Lagos State.