Office Of the Special Adviser on Education

Historical Background of the Office of the Special Adviser on Education


 The Office of the Special Adviser on Education was established with the aim of creating appropriate policy frame work to redirects the policy thrust on Education in line with the exigencies of the Ten-point Agenda and also to establish mechanism to monitor the implementation of  Education policies in tertiary institution in the State.


MISSION: Provide Access to literacy education and redress the challenges of illiteracy in Lagos as a model city.

VISION: Provide mass education opportunities; especially functional literacy and life skills for youth & adults through multi-pronged approaches for self-actualization and sustainability.

 Mandates and the statutory responsibilities of the office include;

i.                   Advisory committee on Educational policy

ii.                 Matters affecting Lagos State Education Endowment Fund

iii.              Continuing Education

iv.              Monitoring, Evaluation and Investigation on Tertiary Education matters

v.                 Policy and control of Adult Education

vi.              Matters Affecting

(a)  Agency for Mass Education

(b) Scholarship Board

(c)  Library Board

vii.            State Scholarship and Bursary Award

viii.         Supervision and Monitoring of Tertiary Institutions

(a)  Lagos State University

(b) Lagos State Polytechnic

(c)  Michael Otedola College of Primary Education

(d) Adeniran Ogunsanya College Education, Otto-Ijanikin

(e)  Lagos State University College of Medicine

(f)   Lagos State College of Health Technology

ix.              Supervision and Management of all Schools and State Libraries

x.                 Advisory functions on Educational policies and programmes


     Departments/ Units

     1.     Administration and Human Resources

              a. Learning and Development

              b. Work Planning and Recruitment

            c. Employee Relations

           d. General Administration

           e. Human Resources Measures and Accountability                        

      2.   Accounts

           a, Central  Pay Office

             b, Revenue

             c, Funds

             d, Financial Information System

             e, Salary

             f,  Reconciliation       

        3.   Higher Education

           a.   Evaluation

           b.   Monitoring

           c.   Private Tertiary Institution

 Other Units Include:

        a. Public Affairs Unit

        b. Procurement

        c. Planning, Research and Statistics

        d. Information Communication Technology (ICT)

        e. Open and Secret Registry


Contact/ Address/ Location/Phone Number

The Public Affairs Officer

Office of the Special Adviser on Education

Block 5, 3rd Floor

The Secretariat

Alausa, Ikeja.

Phone Number: 08115706234