Lagos State Urban Renewal Authority (LASURA)


Bequeathing an enduring modern environment at all times…….Making life better


Mission Statement:


To facilitate the process of improving the living conditions in blighted areas through upgrading and empowerment of the communities thereby creating a sustainable environment.




Lagos State Urban renewal Authority (LASURA) a parastatal under the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development came into existence 1991 by virtue of Lagos State Edict No. 7 of 1991. It was restructured from Lagos State Urban Renewal Board to reposition it 2005 vide gazette no. 25 volume 38 of 14th October,2005 with Mr. V. O. Emdin as the first General Manager.


Authority’s Responsibilities:


  1. Monitoring and identifying areas qualified for upgrading and advising the State Government on redevelopment or renewal programmes accordingly.
  2. Preparing and implementing approved state urban upgrading and urban redevelopment projects.
  3. Holding, administering and maintaining government acquired properties within redevelopment or renewal project areas.          


Authority’s Functions:

  • Implementation of the State policies on Urban Renewal.
  • Identification and study of Areas for Urban Renewal.
  • Drawing up Schemes for Renewal Programme
  • Monitoring, Co-ordination and implementation of Renewal Activities and Interventions




  • Facilitating the process of improving the living Conditions of People.
  • Upgrading of Infrastructural facilities in blighted areas.
  • Empowerment of the communities to create a sustainable environment.
  • Provision of decent and affordable housing for the slum dwellers.


Structure and Departments:


The Lagos State Urban Renewal Authority (LASURA) is made up of the following departments approved to carry out the functions of the Authority and implement the policies of the Government on urban renewal matters.


  • General Manager’s Office
  • Authority Secretary/ Finance & Administration
  • Legal and Estate Services Department.(L & ES)
  • Architectural and Engineering Department(A & E)
  • Community Relations and External Intervention Department(CREID)
  • Research, Statistics and Enforcement Department(RSE)
  • Physical Planning Department(PPD)
  • Accounts Department (AD)
  • Press and Public Relations Unit(PRO)
  • Audit Unit
  • Budget Unit
  • ICT Unit