Kick Against Indiscipline(KAI) Brigade


KAI Brigade is the Law Enforcement  Unit of the Lagos State Ministry  of the Environment. It was established on 3rd November 2003 by the then Governor of the State Asiwaju Bola Hameed Tinubu. The Brigade  was established to enforce the Environmental Sanitation Law of Lagos State.

                                             VISION STATEMENT

     To keep Lagos Environment Clean: By eliminating indiscriminate dumping of refuse in unauthorized places.

     By eliminating all forms of Street Trading and Hawking.

    By eliminating vegetal nuisance s and overgrown weeds around premises.

.   By kicking against open defecation and urination in public place.

   By kicking against illegal building or structures on drainage alignments, road setbacks

   and verges.

 . By eliminating any form of environmental nuisances.


                                                                 MISSION STATEMENT

To effect a change of attitude and promote clean and hygienic culture among the  people of Lagos State.